This is how an alarm chain works

The correct detector and alarm components, along with programming of the alarm panel, determine whether an alarm works as intended. After all, an alarm chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The alarm chain in ABUS alarm systems runs via three stations: 

1. Component: the alarms detect an event

The alarms detect an event © ABUS

Comprehensive protection for balcony doors, windows and front doors

Intruders target a building's weak points. Contact detectors are traditionally used to detect unauthorised access. Glass breakage detectors, vibration detectors and in many cases motion detectors are also used to detect intruders reliably.

Alarm detectors


Active intruder protection

Highly recommended: Mechatronic wireless detectors exclusively available from ABUS.
To prevent break-ins from the very start, mechatronic products from ABUS offer comprehensive protection. The wireless window protection system FTS 96 E, the wireless window bar lock set and the wireless additional door lock detect a break-in attempt. The wireless window handle informs you about the status of windows and documents whether they are opened or closed.

Mechatronic detectors


Protection from danger

Smoke and water detectors identify any unusual build-up of smoke or leaks at an early stage, and prevents situations from becoming life-threatening. You can use a panic button to quickly and inconspicuously alert the alarm panel in an emergency.

Danger detectors

2. Component: The alarm panel decides

The alarm panel decides © ABUS

The alarm panel is the "brain" of an alarm system. The alarm system is immediately informed if an event activates a detector. Depending on the programming, the alarm panel triggers a predefined alarm.

ABUS alarm systems offer a wide array of functions: For example, you can create a number of different users who, depending on the event, are informed if the alarm goes off. Thus you can easily make sure that the right actions are being taken, e.g. in the case of a burst pipe. You can use standard messages or record your own texts for alarms. Optionally, you can also use a dialler, GSM or Ethernet module to determine which emergency contacts are called or sent a text message.

In any case:

ABUS alarm systems alert the best contacts quickly, discretely and automatically or inform family members, friends and acquaintances.

Alarm systems for your home
Alarm systems for your object

3. Component: The alarm informs the environment

The alarm informs the environment © ABUS

Alarms are the last and most effective links in an alarm chain. They are the first to provide information about the danger. Sirens issue loud acoustic alerts. They are available in different models, for both indoor and outdoor use. At 90 decibels inside the house and 105 decibels outside, audible alarms output a penetrating warning signal that raises attention. Assistance will come quickly while the intruder is deafened by the surrounding noise and will look to make an escape.

A strobe light that is integrated in the external siren sets off a visible alarm outdoors. To ensure that the strobe is visible from a distance, it should always be installed facing the street. However, the conspicuous flashing of the alarm not only serves as an alert; it also helps approaching security services to locate the alarm.

Sirens and alarms

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