Break-in protection offers security when at home

Intruders do not only come when you are out of home. Besides break-in protection retrofit security technology has another crucial advantage: It offers protection when you are at home and can protect you against robbery at your door as well as frauds or dubious salesmen.

Bolt locks and additional door locks which are equipped with stirrups allow you to open the front door a few inches for example. This is perfect for accepting smaller items or a short talk with a stranger.

The spyhole – a classic in the area of security at home

A classic in the area of home security is the spyhole: Through its lens it offers an overview over the area in front of the door without you having to show yourself. Keep in mind to choose a product with a big enough angle of view (min. 200 degrees) so that intruders cannot hide out of sight. An intercom – ideally combined with a video surveillance system – helps identifying unwanted visitors and enables protection against frauds and possible burglars in advance.

ABUS products for door security

ABUS offers a wide range of locks, cylinders, bars, strike plates, chains and closers. Click here for an abstract


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