Modern locking systems are secure, convenient and innovative

Security does not just start at your home or office door. For example, main entrances, gates or other doors at the entrance to your property, which provide access to secure areas, can also be protected with lock cylinders. By combining different security levels within one system, you can plan current and future structures and combine security and convenience in a cost-effective way – with just one key.

Both mechanical cylinders with increased security level and electronic systems offering enhanced intrusion protection and, thanks to code input, additional comfort and user-friendliness, are available for domestic applications.

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Cost-effectiveness and diversity

Combine different locking systems: a simpler system for areas with a lower security level and a more complex one for areas with a higher security level. This will save you money.


Why use a locking system?

Locking systems allow you to manage access authorizations easily. They also do away with complicated key management. Find out more now.


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