Burglars are frequently on the prowl at holiday time © ABUS

Protect your house or apartment from break-ins during your absence.

Although burglars are always on the prowl, the absence of residents offers an even greater incentive to break in. Avoid leaving obvious signs that your house or apartment is vacant. Our vacation checklist will help you ensure that your home is secure while you are away on vacation. Follow these simple tips, to avoid an unpleasant surprise on your return.

Ten tips for increased protection

Our vacation checklist for houses and apartments

  1. Is your mailbox overflowing in your absence?
    Make sure that it is emptied at regular intervals. You can usually put a newspaper subscription on hold during vacation periods. Ask a neighbour, for example, to empty the letterbox regularly.
  2. Are the shutters always left down?
    Program a timer to roll them up and down, or have a neighbour do this at regular intervals. This will give observing burglars the impression that your house is inhabited.
  3. Are windows and patio doors closed all day long?
    Again, have a neighbour open and close windows and doors regularly. This has the added benefit of airing your home, which you will no doubt notice on your return.
  4. Is your garden becoming overgrown in your absence?
    Ask your neighbours to mow the lawn at least every two weeks and to keep large weeds at bay. They will no doubt be happy for you to return the favour when they are away.
  5. Is your house always in darkness – either inside or outside?
    Timers for light can be of help here – burglars avoid well-lit properties. However, you should inform your neighbours – so they do not trigger a false alarm!
  6. Is your trash can never put out for collection or is it not taken in when emptied?
    Let your neighbours use your trash can. Maybe they would like to do a little spring cleaning.
  7. Does your answering machine message say you are on vacation?
    Just one call will tell thieves how long they have left before you return. Don't specify any dates in your message.
  8. Have you left a message on your mailbox, telling the mailman to leave your mail with your neighbour?
    Avoid doing this: the mailman will more than likely ask your neighbours to take any packages that arrive in your absence. Don't leave intruders an open invitation to rob your house.
  9. Have you forgotten to lock any additional security fittings?
    The best protection in the world is worth nothing if it is not used.
  10. Are your most valuable possessions and data stored in unprotected cabinets?
    You should take photographs of particularly valuable belongings and store your valuables in a bank safe deposit box. If anything happens to them, you then have direct evidence for your insurance company.


Have you answered no to all of these questions? Then all that's left to say is "Enjoy your vacation". If, however, you have answered yes to one or two questions, make sure you address any outstanding issues and increase your security while you are away.

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