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When it comes to locking windows, there are systems that secure both sides of the window (the so-called opening and hinge sides) with only one product and others that secure the two sides individually with separate products.

Depending on the installation position, there are different methods of securing windows and patio doors. Companies like ABUS have the right security solutions, including certified products, for a wide range of requirements.

When it comes to installing products, you decide in advance about the level of security that you want. Depending on the size of the windows, three locking points are ideal to keep thieves out. As a rule of thumb, you should fit one security element per running meter. This will then make things as difficult as possible for opportunistic burglars.

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Securing windows and patio doors with multiple locks

A convenient protection option is offered by the ABUS FOS 550. This bar lock is a high-security lock for doors and French doors with two sturdy locking points (above and below the window) and a lockable window handle.

The patented locking system makes the lock exceptionally resistant to pressure and to being levered open from outside. The especially narrow design allows it to be used universally, i.e. on virtually all inward opening windows and French doors, including most double casement windows with or without a central post. The two locking points secure the locking side of the window perfectly.

But what about the other side, the so-called hinge side?

So-called hinge side locks are suitable here, e.g. the ABUS FAS 101. Just like the ABUS FOS 550 window locking bar, it does not require special operation. All you have to do is open the lock on the hinge side when you want to tilt the window. Otherwise the locks are always engaged automatically. It is therefore impossible to “forget” them. A window bar lock together with hinge side locks is a an ideal combination to keep intruders out of your home.

Multiple locks für windows and patio doors:

Securing windows and patio doors with a single lock © ABUS

Securing windows and patio doors with a single lock

Practical example – a patio door

Patio doors are usually being opened and closed very frequently. Such elements should therefore be secured with locks that engage automatically and are easy to use.

The FKS 208 from ABUS is a convenient lock that is operated like a normal window handle. This means that the patio door is locked automatically when it is closed and can still be used in the normal way. What's more, the FKS 208 provides the greatest protection even when the window is tilted. Thanks to multiple locking points, the FKS 208 always delivers optimal security, no matter if the patio door is tilted or closed. The FKS 208 is also the first upgrade product to be given the VdS certification mark for tilted windows.

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Most standard windows and patio doors don't offer adequate protection against intruders. We describe the weak points here.


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