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ABUS brand products enjoy an excellent reputation around the world. Hardly any other company in the security industry has such a high brand awareness as ABUS. The name ABUS stands not only for innovation, but also for premium quality and reliable tested products in the security sector.

Guaranteed: high security standards and the best quality for your safety

Certificates guarantee a high, consistent security standard, coupled with the finest quality. This is why ABUS regularly has its products internationally certified by independent test institutes. Our products also regularly receive awards for their design and ease of use. This independent assessment of our products guarantees a high level of quality.

These products are available from ABUS to make sure that you feel secure

For your security at home:

Protect your home or your apartment with alarm systems and video surveillance from ABUS, install mechatronic window locks and door locks and use robust padlocks

For your security when you are on the move:

Protect your bicycle with bike locks and your motorcycle using tried-and-tested motorbike locks from ABUS, protect the content of containers with container locks and boats with customized marine locks, ride safely and comfortably with ABUS bike helmets and bicycle panniers.

For security in your company:

Protect your company premises or your office against burglary and fire with wireless and wired alarm systems from ABUS, protect commercial properties against theft and vandalism with video surveillance, install certified locking systems plus access control.

More about checked and tested

In the ABUS testing lab

Before an ABUS product reaches the market, it undergoes a series of extensive tests. 


Test certificates

Test certificates and test marks help when selecting products. We present a selection of the most important test certificates.


Test reports

Test reports provide guidance when choosing security solutions. Here are the most important test reports from independent organisations.



Many security solutions from ABUS come with highly respected awards for quality and design.


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