Protection from intruders will also protect you in your own home

Burglars and intruders don't just strike when you are out of home. It is therefore a good idea to kill two birds with one stone when investing in retrofittable security. Not only do these products protect you against intruders when you are out, but they also offer another important advantage by keeping you safe when you are at home. They will protect you from break-ins that happen in your own four walls and from conmen and other unwelcome visitors at your front door.

Solutions in this field include high-security catch bolts equipped with a door limiter, which restrict the distance a door can open. This also means that you can still receive small deliveries and talk safely to people whom you don't know.

The spy hole – a traditional element of protection in your own home

The spy hole is a traditional way of protecting yourself from break-ins in your own home. Its lens allows you to see who is at the door without being seen yourself. Make sure that you choose a model with a sufficient field of view (at least 200 degrees), so that potential criminals cannot hide outside your line of vision.
An intercom system – ideally combined with a video system – will help you identify unwanted callers and protect you from conmen or potential intruders at all times.

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The right security solutions will enable you to protect yourself against break-ins and from being robbed when you are at home.



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Medical emergencies

State-of-the-art alarm systems include panic buttons that offer immediate assistance and reliable protection – also in medical emergencies.


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