State-of-the-art alarm systems provide rapid response in an emergency

Unexpected emergencies, break-ins and serious household accidents are not only a threat to the elderly or those who are unwell, but also to children and families. The victims usually have no way of calling for assistance quickly and directly.

Panic buttons allow you to call for direct assistance quickly and easily in a medical emergency (e.g. if you fall or suffer a heart attack). Modern alarm systems include panic buttons in a number of different forms – as a pendant, belt clip or bracelet – that you can carry with you in the house. If you suffer a medical emergency such as a fall or a heart attack, you can use the button to call for medical assistance or alert relatives quickly and without difficulty.

ABUS alarm systems with emergency calls

Secvest emergency call and panic buttons: With the easy-to-use emergency call and panic alarm buttons of the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system, help can quickly be summoned in dangerous situations.

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