Theft protection for shipping containers, freight containers and construction containers

Whether as a shipping solution for goods that are transported by sea or as mobile storage, e.g. for tires in car repair shops, shipping and freight containers are used in many industries and their contents are often extremely valuable. However, the majority of containers are only designed to protect goods against damage, not against theft. Special locks (e.g. ConHasp Granit™ from ABUS) provide optimum protection because they protect the critical points of containers against being forced open.

Ideal protection for containers using the ABUS Container Lock Granit

This solution from ABUS protects the door of the container along its entire width. Because the catch bolt is mounted on the inside, it cannot be attacked. To ensure that the greatest possible strength is provided, the catch bolt is welded to the container on the inside – this means that it provides a high level of additional security. The pin for unlocking the high-security catch bolt is secured by a premium-quality padlock (e.g. ABUS Granit), which itself is concealed by a steel cover. This makes it almost impossible to open the lock with force. If several containers have to be protected, the corresponding padlock can be ordered with a one-key locking mechanism, so that only one key is required for all containers.

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