Surveillance of employees reduces losses

More and more dishonest employees are stealing from their companies. The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2009 (a survey conducted by the British Centre for Retail Research) estimates the damage by dishonest employees in retail alone to be almost 5 billion EUR. This doesn't only affect the retail sector, but every company.

With a video system from ABUS in your business you can reduce losses caused by inventory differences and reduction in goods as well as damage caused by fraud and embezzlement.

Protect your company property © ABUS

Protect your company property

In office buildings or administration wings there are quite often not only sensitive data, but also hardware and valuable furnishings. People tend to take less care of things that do not belong to them. When handling expensive office equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers or PCs, negligence, slovenliness or intentional misuse can result in expensive damage or annoying operating troubles. Video surveillance ensures that employees (or guests) exercise greater caution when dealing with equipment.

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Catch dishonest employees

Trust is the most valuable of all human assets – also with regard to employees. After all, employees at the cash register are in charge of the day's revenues. Unfortunately, it often occurs that black sheep in personnel take advantage of your trust in them and improve their payment by cheating at the cash register – thereby damaging you.

Modern video systems can integrate the cash register data into the video picture thereby keeping a watchful eye on them. This means that any snatching from the cash register or incorrect receipt is immediately observable. Dome cameras are perfect for this type of surveillance.

Tip: Use video surveillance to keep an eye on service too

Time and time again there are complaints about poor service. Has everything been tidied up or is rubbish lying around? Have the chairs already been put up, although there are still guests eating? How do the new employees behave towards the guests? Are smoking breaks taken although the restaurant is full? Video surveillance will answer all of these questions for you in future. Surveillance technology enables you to improve your service. A subtle solution for your everyday business: with the super-mini dome camera you can have a view of the entire guest area on the screen of the all-in-one digital recorder – space saving and efficient. With an angle of view of 160° you can see immediately if any tables are free and instruct your personnel accordingly.

Employer's obligation to inform

Video surveillance at the workplace is an extremely sensitive matter because of interference with the common personal rights of the employees. As employer you are thus obliged to procure video surveillance approval from the works council, and notify your employees of active video surveillance within your company.

The "Video Surveillance" indication label from ABUS is available from specialist dealers.

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