Fast response thanks to intelligent surveillance systems

High-quality systems combine motion detection with programmable alarm reactions. Monitoring cameras automatically trigger an alarm when a person enters a danger zone, such as the swivelling area of machines, or a store room for hazardous substances.

Video technology: a contribution to accident prevention and industrial safety

Video surveillance does not just protect material values, it can also enhance safety at the workplace and contribute to accident prevention. Constant observance using suitable surveillance cameras makes it easier to monitor machines and systems regarding their functional capability and to identify sources of danger, e.g. a missing cover on a cutting blade or exposed power cables.

A camera also enables poorly accessible areas or containers such as silos and tanks to be monitored. The exact identification of the camera location, the live picture of the situation and the automatic alarm through the monitoring systems accelerate the localisation and the rescue of a person in distress.

Case study: hazard situation on construction site © iStockphoto / small_frog

Case study: hazard situation on construction site

Construction sites are always hazard zones. In this context, video surveillance provides a valuable contribution to accident prevention and provides clarification on the causes of accidents. This means that hazardous substance depots, construction machines, the swivelling ranges of excavators and cranes etc. can be monitored with surveillance cameras. In the event of damage insurance claims, questions can then be quickly and effectively answered – was the construction worker wearing a helmet and safety boots at the time of the event? How did the accident happen and who is to blame? All these questions can be answered with the help of valid pictures from the surveillance cameras.

ABUS products for improving industrial safety

  • Secure access to the hazard zones additionally with an alarm, e.g. with the use of motion detectors.
  • The health of your employees is valuable: Fire protection with smoke detectors from ABUS.
  • Use our robust IR outdoor cameras, to ensure that you can intervene in difficult situations.
  • Load securing devices from ABUS provide protection to drivers and goods.

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