Optimise your logistics with video surveillance

In the area of warehousing and logistics, it is unimaginable to do without video surveillance: video surveillance cameras are the ideal assistance to protect stored material property against damage, disappearance and theft.

They enable the monitoring of loading ramps and lifting platforms, prevention of theft by external people, but also prompt intervention in the case of an accident. Camera systems are also used for process monitoring in dispatch lanes or packaging systems.

Stock control through video surveillance

Are there enough goods in stock? When was the last stock withdrawal? With the aid of video surveillance you can check warehouse inventories and compare them against your inventory control system. Is a specific group of goods running out, although the inventory control system displays a higher inventory volume? Was a lower quantity checked-out, but more physically removed? Through the comparison and search for date or inventory movement data, you can spot any irregularities and then optimise your warehouse management system.

Stock control through video surveillance © iStockphoto.com / buzbuzzer
Complete package tracking © ABUS

Complete package tracking

In the package tracking process, transitions points such as loading ramps are often critical areas. A complete video documentation of the transport of a package from the packaging lane over the package conveyor to the handover to the freight forwarder is therefore very useful. With it you can ensure that clarity can be achieved in the event of any damage, warranty claims or goods that have been lost. This enables you to effectively process claims from customers and to prove in the event of a dispute that a package was not damaged when it left your logistics area.

Intelligent programming enables photoelectric barriers or barcode systems to be integrated into the video system and to link it with the logistics software. This is how systems are created with added value for warehouse managers and logisticians.

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