Improve your production and development with video surveillance

In many cases, most employees in a company work in the production department and this is where most of the valuable machinery and systems are located. Every production manager can confirm how expensive downtimes caused by malfunctions or accidents can be.

Video cameras can provide an overview of the department and be directly integrated into the production systems to monitor processes where they happen. This enables you to intervene and respond in good time. The analysis of the video recordings can provide useful approaches towards optimising production processes and designing them to be more stable and more secure.

Video surveillance enables you to also keep a watchful eye on complicated test series and development processes. For example, the condition of subjects in a sleep laboratory or for medical studies can be monitored 24/7 and be assessed straight away.

Process optimization thanks to innovative video management

In combination with innovative video management software, a surveillance system also comes with versatile automation features. It responds, for example, automatically with alarms and programmed sequence plans to events – without a person having to intervene. If the fill level for a tank reaches a critical level, then a valve is directly actuated and a specified reaction is initiated, i.e. an employee is notified or a detector is triggered.

Process optimization thanks to innovative video management © ABUS

Cameras directly in the center of an event

An application field for standard cameras is, for example the simple surveillance of production lines, conveyor or packaging belts.

Special mini and PCB cameras are ideally suited for detailed surveillance of machines and systems in online operation - they can be integrated directly into the system. They measure a few centimetres only, but provide recordings that are comparable to large cameras.

Optimise your development processes

Video surveillance helps to secure the material quality of the development environment: Scarce raw materials, valuable equipment and intermediate results are reliably protected against theft and manipulation. Video surveillance can thus contribute to a sustained increase in quality and enhance the economic benefits from large-scale developments and keep them at a high level.

Cameras are always watchful

In contrast to humans, a camera never suffers from fatigue – all the details are permanently recorded. The recordings can then be viewed in quick motion (e.g. industrial manufacture of bacterial cultures, crash tests in vehicle manufacturing) or in slow motion (e.g. research of causes for the malfunction of a grabbing device).
The recording of production and development steps makes it easier to have a complete documentation and analysis of error sources as well as of progress. This is achieved particularly efficiently with the controllable pan and tilt cameras.

To record processes in every detail, PCB cameras are particularly well suited, because their compact size means that they can be integrated directly into test layouts.

Cameras are always watchful © ABUS

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