Particularly secure monitoring with the help of monitoring stations

In Germany danger alarm systems may not be connected directly to the police or fire department. If you wish to reliably protect company valuables around the clock, it is advisable to connect your alarm and video surveillance system to a 24h monitoring station. The staff there can assess complicated situations and initiate suitable protective or rescue measures.

Typical services rendered by monitoring stations

Connection of alarm systems

The connection of alarm systems to monitoring stations is prescribed by certain damage insurance companies to ensure that in the event of an alarm an intervention can be initiated quickly. Even if the insurance company does not prescribe a connection, the connection to a monitoring station can still be practical for a company.

Connection of video surveillances (video remote monitoring)

Video remote monitoring by monitoring stations enables properties to be monitored directly and visually. At the first suspicious sign of a hazard, the monitoring station can initiate a suitable defence response.

Functional check of technical systems

An additional service rendered by monitoring stations is the remote monitoring of technical installations such as cooling units, heating systems or elevators, the failure of which can have critical consequences and endanger people.

What is a monitoring center?

In a monitoring center or emergency call and service control center voice messages from automatic dialler and speech units and logs from automatic dialler and transmission units are recorded and processed by the security personnel situated in the monitoring center. In an emergency intervention forces are notified, for example the police or fire department.

Criteria for selection of a monitoring station provider

There are numerous providers of monitoring stations. The criteria for selecting the suitable station could be:

Does the provider have a station in the region?

This is an important criterion for small companies. They should discuss the security concept on-site with the provider and their security specialist and specify the service to be rendered exactly.

What help do you expect in the event of an alarm?

If you only wish to have the police and fire department notified, then another provider may be better for you than one which would have a security firm intervene.

Which systems do you wish to connect to the monitoring station?

Providers implement various technical connection options. Besides the connection of the alarm system it makes sense in many cases also to connect the video surveillance system. If you opt for IP video surveillance, you should make sure that your provider supports IP connections.

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