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ABUS Abbreviation for August Bremicker und Söhne KG
Accountability Insurance companies require evidence of any break-in damage
Additional door lock See "Rim lock"
Additional lock An additional lock refers to any type of security lock for windows that can be retrofitted, patio doors and doors.
Advisory centre Police advisory centres provide regional information on protection measures, local appointments are also possible
Alarm center Main term for alarm centres
Alarm system Electronic surveillance system with acoustic and visual alarm, alternatively silent alarm by phone
Angst According to a survey undertaken by the University of Saarland in Germany, break-in victims increasingly have feelings of anxiety after suffering a break in
Armour plate Exterior door cylinder locking mechanism for additional locks, e.g. high-security door bar
Assembly instructions The efficiency of the product depends on how it is fastened, its location and position. Note the relevant up-to-date assembly instructions
Instructions for use with detailed assembly instructions
Automatic lock Self-locking mechanism, e.g. in ABUS FTS 99 window locks. Ideal for those who are absent-minded!
Backset Spacing for door mortise locks. The backset is measured from the front edge of the mortise lock to the center of the bolt or the keyhole
Balcony door Frequently used when breaking into private homes
Ball bearing mechanism Locking element for high-quality bicycle locks or padlocks, e.g. ABUS Granit
Bar lock Vertical locking mechanism for windows and/or doors
Basic protection Basic mechanical protection against simple break-in methods
Bending resistance Special hollow catch bolt technology for high-security catch bolt locks, which prevents any permanent deformation
BKA German Federal Office of Criminal Investigations
Bottom pin Locking element on door cylinders
Break-in methods The method used most frequently in Germany is to lever up a door or a window
Break-in time Break-ins are conducted throughout the year, although burglars prefer the long, dark winter months, mainly during the afternoon and early in the evening
Case (door frame) The case is the fitting in which the door is framed and to which the lock plate is mounted
Catch bolt Locking element.
The part of the mortise lock that engages with the lock plate when the door is closed
Cellar grating lock Tension bars or chains made of metal to prevent the cellar shaft grating from being lifted up
Cellar shaft protection See "Cellar grating lock"
Change of residence See "Previous tenants"
Clawing mechanism Technical term for effective locking mechanisms, in particular for window locks
Climbing aids Refuse bins, trellis, garages and ladders have to be taken into consideration when taking protection measures
Cutting test Test method, simulation of a bolt cutter
Code card A code card is used to identify a key
Cold test Test method for extreme temperatures, see also "Ice spray"
Cologne Study Study conducted by the police force in Cologne involving the systematic recording of break-ins
Compound mortar Means of attachment for high-strength connections (bonding technology) in accordance with DIN 18104-1, e.g. with high-security door bars
Consumer CD-ROM Interactive information medium, available at
Contact sender Component from break-in detection technology, transmitter unit with notification to alarm center
Corrosion protection Protective measures against rust formation
Crime detection rate Percentage of break-ins cleared up in Germany approximates 18 per cent
Crime statistics Annual survey of all criminal offences committed e.g. in Germany
Crowbar Heavy crowbar, used to pry open locks when breaking in
Cylinder gauge Gauge for door cylinders
Cylinder length Depending on door thickness and fitting size, door cylinders have different lengths. See "Home security/door locks/door cylinders" section
Deterrent Products that can be detected externally act as a deterrent to potential burglars, e.g. high-security
Dimples Ball-shaped recesses on reversible keys of different depths, no sharp edges
DIN German Industrial Standard (Deutsche Industrie Norm)
DIN 18104-1 Standard for screw-on retrofit locks
DIN left/right Visible door stop side or hinge side in opening direction
Disc cylinder High-grade locking cylinder, particularly resistant to picking
Diskus Well-known and classical form of ABUS padlock – "Diskus" series
Distance Dimensional designation for door fittings. Measured from the center of the door handle to the center of the door cylinder, e.g. 72 mm for entrance doors in Germany
Distance dimension Designates the distance between the center of the profile cylinder and the center of the door knob. In Germany this is 72 mm for corridor doors and 92 mm for house door
Door bar See "High-security door bar"
Door chain Mechanical protection for doors when at home
Door closer Automatic locking mechanism aid
Door cylinder Door control element, generally with key
Door fitting Door fitting in accordance with DIN 18257 to resist violent attacks, generally with core removal protection
Door frame See "Case" (frame)
Door guard Protection when at home, locking element, e.g. for additional door locks to prevent unauthorized access
Wide-angle lens in door panel, generally 200 degree angle of view
Door hinge Door hinge (turning function)
Door hinge protection See "Hinge side lock"
Door lock set with handle and knob Fitting with door handle and door knob
Door opener Electromechanical locking element
Door panel Largest door (plate) component
Door thickness Thickness of the door panel.
Door width The size of the door panel. This does not include the case (frame)
Double sided lever lock key Key bit with serrations on both sides, which in turn means a higher number of locking mechanisms, e.g. for safes
Double-wing window lock Special lock for double-wing window with center rib, e.g. ABUS DFS 95
Double ball bearing Special protective measure for shackle locks to prevent turning and removing of the shackle on both shackle sides
Drill template Aid for achieving ideal fixing of window and door locks
Drill protection Door cylinder protection and barrier using hardened metal pins to prevent the cylinder from being drilled open
Emergency call center Command center that can always be reached
Emergency feature Door can be unlocked from outside even when the key is inserted into the lock
Emergency transmitter Component from burglar alarm system and emergency call technology, triggered by pressing a button
Escutcheon plate Small protective cover on door cylinder (round or square), in case a door fitting cannot be mounted
External siren Acoustic and visual alarm device in alarm systems  
Fire alarm See "Smoke detectors"
Fire door DIN-approved component, this type of door must not be changed 
Fire door fitting Approved protective fitting for fire protection doors in accordance with DIN 18273 (fire test) and DIN 18257 (burglar test)
Fitting Functional parts of windows or doors
Fixing anchor Additional fixing in accordance with DIN 18104-1 for window locks
Fixing technology Important component for mechanical protection, see also DIN 18104-1
Forend Visible part of a mortise lock when a door opens
Frequency ratio Disclosed thefts calculated per 100,000 inhabitants
GDV Federation of German Insurers (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V., based in Berlin)
GGT Gerontology Technology Society (analyses and supports offerings for people over 50) in Iserlohn, Germany
Glass breakage Significantly reduced break-in method, now only approx. 2 per cent in Germany in the private sector
Glass breakage detector Component from break-in detection technology, registers glass breakage
Granit Name of a premium-quality product range, e.g. padlocks
Half-cylinder Door cylinder for garages or key-operated switches
Hardened Special material protection of product's outer panel to resist violent attack
High-security door bar Effective protective device for doors. Both the opening side and the hinged side have strong protection. High-security door bars represent a major deterrent. Models for front doors and cellar doors are available
Hinge bolt Additional mechanical locking mechanism as protection against door being levered open on hinge side
Hinge side The side on a window or door on which the hinges are fitted
Hinge side lock Hinge locks for windows and/or doors
House emergency call system Emergency call alarm at the press of a button or using a time window and motion detectors (automatic emergency call), see ABUS Sinotel
Ice spray Method for overcoming shackle locks. Look out for products tested with ice spray!
Impact resistance Long, solid steel cams and heat-treated bolts protect against violent attacks (e.g. with a chisel), particularly for door fittings
Impact test Test method, simulation of a heavy hammer
Keyway, key profile Contour of key
Key security See "Security card"
Keyed alike One key for different products, e.g. door cylinders and padlocks
Keyhole cover Protects against any penetration of dirt into the locking mechanism
Lifting door protection Protection with protective cap for lifting door handle on hinge side
LKA Office of Criminal Investigations of a German State
Lock General term for locking devices
Lock case The lock case generally supports the lock catch bolt
Locking variations Cylinders have many different locking key variations, which are precisely regulated by standards, e.g. DIN
Locking side Lock side, used to support locking elements, e.g. mortise locks
Locking system Provision and organization of different access authorisations for door cylinders
Metal insert Reinforcement for specific products, use is compulsory
Motion detector Sensing module for alarm systems, registers motion
Mortise lock Flush-mounted lock for doors. Basic lock for fixture of door handles and cylinders. Different models for door cylinder (PZ), bathroom and single tumbler (BB) 
Mounting clip Fastening aid for precise adjustment on automatic window lock ABUS FTS 99
Mounting position Anchoring point, the position of the product is important. Recommendation in accordance with DIN 18104-1: one locking point per linear meter of height
Mounting template See "Drill template"
Multilayer design Several layers in certain products provide maximum protection, e.g. for door fittings
Multi-point locking system Door lock with several locking points
Mushroom pin Locking elements for security windows
Narrow frame fitting Narrow fitting, generally for metal doors
Olive Olive is the German technical term for window handle (olive-shaped)
Paracentric Special key profile, in which the keyway no longer runs through the middle, but is off-center
Patio door See "Balcony door"
Perforated sleeve Fastening element in bonding technology for hollow profiles
Picking Designates the "intelligent unlocking" of locking mechanisms using special tools
Picking protection Mechanical device that prevents picking
Plantation Avoiding any high hedges and bushes directly in front of the house
Plus cylinder Special disc cylinder that protects against "picking". Mainly used for premium-quality bike locks and padlocks
Prejudice Notions such as "if they want to get in, they will get in", "I'm well insured", "I've nothing worth stealing anyway" only help culprits
Pull protection Special device for profile cylinders without door fitting
Push-button cylinders Locks if cylinder is being pushed, e.g. in lockable window handles
Previous tenants Always change the door cylinder when you change your flat/house
Profile cylinder See "Door cylinder"
Property See Checklist, please click here!
Protection films Retrofit option to prevent objects from being thrown through glass, see link to ""
Protection when at home Special products such as additional door locks in combination with a door guard to prevent unauthorized entrance
Pry open The most frequent break-in method in Germany, using a screwdriver to lift window/patio doors
Rebate Designation in doors and windows for the area which is placed onto the door panel or window wing
Rebate clearance Gap between frame and leaf on doors and windows
Repeater Amplifier, e.g. for radio transmission
Retrofit lock Lock for multipurpose retrofitting to windows or doors
Reversible key Dimple key, key with ball-shaped recesses, no sharp edges
Rim lock Extra door lock for front doors or entrance doors to flats, e.g. ABUS Series 9000 with external cylinder
Roller shutter lock Locking element that prevents roller shutters from being pushed upwards
Roller blinds Frequently regarded as a break-in deterrent, the standard versions are no more than privacy blinds and they do not offer any break-in protection
Safety In addition to break-in protection, window locks also provide protection against accidents, e.g. involving small children
Sawing test Test method for shackle locks
Sandwich design See "Multilayer design"
Screwdriver Tool used most frequently by burglars to pry open doors and windows
Security Personal feeling of protection and safety
Security card A security card protects against any unauthorized copying of keys. Only in combination with the security card is it possible to have a key made by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer
Security door Complete security element in accordance with ENV 1627-1630
Security guide Information brochure on the subject of "Home security"
Security strike plate Special strike plate, generally 3 mm thick and with three masonry anchors
Security window Complete security element in accordance with ENV 1627-1630
Shackle protection Shackle wrapping, e.g. on padlocks to protect against violent attacks (bolt cutter)
Shear bolt Used to stabilize the case on the window frame with special locks
Single tumbler lock Classical room door mortise lock, operated using single cast key
Skylight lock Special lock for skylights (Velux, Braas), e.g. ABUS DF 88
Sliding door lock Security device against sliding doors being pushed away and lifted, e.g. ABUS FTS 96/106
Smoke detectors Acoustic alarm device when smoke is present
Spare key Spare key refers to the copy of a key
Steel cams Protective door fittings
Strike plate The strike plate is the element that mounts the latch and catch bolt of the mortise lock
Telescopic bar Visible protective device for windows and French windows, locking mechanism in brickwork
Tensile load Test method, e.g. six tonnes for protective fittings in DIN Class 3!
Test lab See "Test laboratory"
Test laboratory Violent and intelligent break-in scenarios are simulated here
Thumbturn cylinder Door cylinder with interior rotary knob. Locked from the inside without a key. Not for doors with glass panes!
Through bolted connection Special fixing in accordance with DIN 18104-1 for unstable walls or stones from the inside outwards
Tilt and turn window See "Balcony door"
Time resistance Effectiveness of products depending on break-in method
Tumbler Locking element for various locks. Locking of lock, so that it cannot open of its own accord
Unauthorized key Illegally copied key
Vacation period Please refer to checklist
Vandalism Violent entry to house or flat with wilful destruction or damage
VdS Stands for VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, a company belonging to the Federation of German Insurers. The goal of this federation is to create a standard certification process for products in the area of security technology.
VdS certified installation company Installation company with special professional training
Vibration detector Intrusion detection technology component, registers massive vibrations, e.g. glass
Victim support See Weisser Ring (German victim support)
Video surveillance Recording and monitoring of all movement by camera
Visible security Security products that can be seen from the outside act as a deterrent, e.g. high-security catch bolt, telescopic rods
Wall anchor Means of attachment for high-strength fastenings, e.g. for high-security door bars
Weak point Weakest point of a building, e.g. window
Weisser Ring (German victim support) Nationwide German aid organization for victims of crime
Wide angle For door guards; enables (200 degree) panoramic view. No place to hide!
Window casement Contour of profile
Window casing Window frame
Window frame Connection between wall and casement
Window handle Window locking element
Window hinge security Designates additional protection of hinge side of a window against being levered open
Window lock Additional mechanical screw-on locks as protection against being levered open
Window profile Contour of profile
Wireless alarm system Alarm system based on wireless connection, no wiring
When at home In the private sector almost 10 per cent of break-ins occur when the occupants are present
When away In the private sector almost 90 per cent of break-ins occur when the occupants are absent
X-Plus cylinder Special disc cylinder for high-grade bike locks and padlocks

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