Video surveillance from ABUS: helping you to keep an eye on things

Whatever risks you face - be it burglary, theft or vandalism - no matter what happens, ABUS video surveillance will get to the bottom of it.

Our guides will provide all the information you need on video surveillance and much more:

  • We offer a simple introduction into video technology, give examples of possible areas of application or typical problem areas.
  • For this purpose we will show you appropriate solutions offered by ABUS.
  • Understand and see how our surveillance cameras are used in day-to-day situations, based on specific, hands-on examples.
  • Product information and technical specifications give you an insight into video surveillance equipment made by ABUS.

CCTV = Closed Circuit Television

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are usually used for surveillance purposes and are by now synonymous with surveillance systems.

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Video surveillance helps not only with solving break-ins, theft, vandalism and violent crimes, but also with optimizing processes – even under extreme conditions.


Areas of application

Wherever you want to set up a video surveillance system – whether to secure your company or protect your privacy – our examples also show you some unusual ideas.



Plan your video system precisely to suit your needs – from a flat to a company site. ABUS offers the right products and ideas for making your everyday life safer.



Be inspired by our examples of how ABUS video cameras and recording systems can be used simply, cost effectively and flexibly for all kinds of projects.


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