Secure in all areas with video surveillance

Video surveillance from ABUS provides protection and security and helps you get to the bottom of unsolved crimes. It can be applied in any area of day-to-day life, from your home over work environment to public areas. Be inspired by the examples of how ABUS products can be used and see how video surveillance does more than just cover traditional security tasks. It can also help you optimise processes, prevent accidents and reduce costs.

Secure in all areas with video surveillance © ABUS

Areas of application for video surveillance

Commercial objects

Together with mechanical and electronic protection, video technology is an important element in protecting your commercial object systematically and effectively.



Theft is one of the biggest problems that retail shops face. Video surveillance deters potential offenders and dishonest employees and helps you solves cases of missing goods.


Private households

In the domestic sector video surveillance contributes significantly to safeguarding your property and protecting those who live there: quickly installed and less expensive than you imagine!


Mobile surveillance

With light and inconspicuous mini cameras and mini recorders, you can keep things under surveillance discretely when you are out on business – ideal for security personnel, on trips and ...


Public places

Video surveillance in public areas is for everybody's benefit and increases safety: at events, in museums as well as in public transport areas and car parks.



Monitoring the animals in the shed or controlling the use of machines: Video surveillance in agriculture supports quality, environment and security management.


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