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Video surveillance in agriculture

Today modern, digital video surveillance systems are part and parcel of ecologically sustainable, cost-effective agriculture. In this context, security systems can optimize different work processes and support quality, environmental and security management.

From monitoring and documenting animal production, monitoring vehicle fleets consisting of tractors and other machinery or keeping an eye on whether unauthorised staff are entering a biogas plant: agricultural business present a challenging environment for electronic video surveillance.

How video technology can help farmers with their work

Keeping an eye on your animals

Electronic video surveillance is a modern system of monitoring animals which is already being used by many farmers. The video system is frequently incorporated into an overall concept for monitoring herds. In other words, the activity of individual animals or entire herds is collected and assessed.

Monitoring your machinery 24/7

Your machinery fleet harbours the greatest value on your farm. When using video technology to monitor large machinery, the focus is less on theft and more on manipulation or theft of spare parts, fuel and tools.
In terms of safety and accident prevention, you can use video surveillance to monitor and prevent unauthorised access to machines. After all, expensive machinery should not be used as a playground by curious onlookers. The risk of injury is simply too high, as is the danger that an incorrect setting on a lever or other part could result in a breakdown or critical malfunction.

Optimised work processes

Video cameras can be directly installed on large agricultural machinery to monitor processes. Video data help farmers optimise multi-stage work processes, reduce maintenance times, and possibly cut staffing requirements.

Example of a potato harvester:
The video images from four cameras are transferred to the monitor in the cabin and help the driver to optimally control the machine. In this way,  the speed of the harvest can be increased and the harvester is efficiently utilised to its full capacity.

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