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Video surveillance in the gastronomy and hotel industry

According to unofficial studies, restaurant owners suffer immense losses of between 3 and 10 percent of their overall turnover due to food theft and the issuing of incorrect receipts, which is unfortunately a widespread practice. Damage caused by vandalism and robbery are additional aggravating factors.
Along with the financial damage, restaurant owners are often faced with unsolved incidents: Who took a coat from the cloakroom? Who started the fight at the door or at the bar? Did a guest really wait too long for a meal? Questions like these come up every day and video surveillance helps finding clear answers and avoiding damage.

These six areas should be protected by video technology

Entrance area

Identify faces with well-positioned HD cameras on the door. This means you can always check who is coming and going, and can clearly record any suspicious person. Recognise uninvited guests early on, so that they don't even get access to the premises.


Entrance areas and cloakrooms are always hotspots for fights. Here, video surveillance allows you to gather clear evidence. Whether security staff at the door are wrongly accused or a robbery is committed: video recordings clarify any misunderstandings and provide clear evidence.

Dining rooms

Your guests should always feel comfortable and safe on your premises. However, there too lurks danger in the form of violent guests or crimes committed by cunning thieves. Additionally, you can use video surveillance to monitor and optimise service.


Violent crime, attacks and drug offences often take place around bathrooms. Install targeted surveillance system in front of bathroom facilities and protect them from damage by vandals.


Warehouses and storage rooms in restaurants need to be well protected. The reasons are obvious: they often house valuable and expensive items such as fine food and wines.

Outdoor areas

Company property such as furniture, decoration, signs or stands are often unmonitored and unprotected. Even if chairs are collected and chained every evening, drunks, vandals and rioters often take their aggression out on such items.


ABUS products for video surveillance in the restaurant trade

  • Network recorders: make recordings outside of business hours too
  • Pan/tilt network cameras: an eye on every angle
  • Particularly robust: vandal-proof housing [#Link Produkte]
  • Infrared cameras [#Link Produkte] allow you to see in poor lighting conditions too.

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