Increase your shop's profits – with video surveillance © ABUS

Increase your shop's profits – with video surveillance

Every year, the German retail sector loses more than EUR 4.9 billion through theft and inventory differences (source: Global Retail Theft Barometer, Centre for Retail Research/Nottingham, Great Britain).
The reasons for this are: 55.9 percent of losses are caused by customers stealing goods, followed by dishonest employees (24.6 percent) and delivery staff (6.8 percent). Video surveillance acts as a deterrent and prevents petty, opportunistic criminals. Video technology supports live monitoring, e.g. by detectives, and helps solve crime and provide evidence, be it at the cash desk, in the sales area, in the warehouse or outdoors.

A shop's neuralgic points

Entry and exit points

Observe what a person has on them when entering and exiting your shop. Use cameras as a deterrent for thieves. A beneficial knock-on effect of video surveillance is that it helps you establish what are the busiest periods in your shop, and adapt staff planning accordingly.

The sales area

This is a prime target for thieves, and should therefore be the main focus for your video surveillance installation. Remember: small and expensive products such as cosmetics, perfume, razor blades, DVDs and CDs are thieves' favourite target.

The cash desk zone

Next on the target list is the cash desk. This area is open to all types of manipulation, such as theft, fraud and staff issuing receipts for incorrect amounts. The presence of cash in the till means that it is a particularly vulnerable area for violent attacks.

The warehouse

This part of a business is a particular target for disloyal staff and service providers. Here, you can focus in on the comings and goings of staff and delivery personnel as well as on areas that are a thieves' paradise such as empties storage areas and valuable warehouses.

Outdoor areas

Security starts in front of the door. The entrance area, display window, car park or loading areas in front of the warehouse are part of an object too, in addition to the indoor space. You should therefore also install professional video surveillance outside, in your quest to stamp out and avoid crime, theft and vandalism.

A shop's neuralgic points © ABUS

Is your shop really safe?

Think about installing video surveillance if you can answer yes to more than three of the following points:

  1. There are a lot of people moving in and out of my shop.
  2. At my last stock-take there were huge differences in inventory that could not be explained.
  3. I am constantly finding empty packaging in my shop.
  4. I do not have enough staff to keep a closer eye on suspicious customers and service providers.
  5. Goods are delivered by different drivers who have access to my warehouse.
  6. I trade in valuable goods.

What does a work reference have to say about honesty?

Before you hire an employee who previously worked in retail, check what his/her reference says about their honesty. If there is no express statement along the lines of "He/she was honest at all times.", then be careful.

ABUS products for video surveillance in retail

  • Know what's happening at a glance - digital recorders record simultaneously on between 4 and 16 channels
  • Inconspicuous and robust: dome cameras for an overall view
  • Live monitoring in your shop: motorised PTZ cameras

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