Video surveillance knows no bounds

Increased security for your shop, your property and your family – do you want this too? Do you want to get to the bottom of shoplifting or monitor who goes in and out of your company's grounds? Or are you looking to optimise production and need to find a way to document processes? You are interested in using video technology, but installing a surveillance system just seems too complicated and expensive?
Be inspired by our examples and see for yourself how ABUS video cameras and recording systems can be used simply, cost effectively and flexibly for all kinds of projects.

Research and development

A biotechnology laboratory is working on a method to breed bacterial cultures for industry. A series of several test layouts is designed to compare the influence of different culture substrates and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Video cameras make time-lapse recordings of the cultures. Using these images, the scientists can assess which conditions are optimal for the growth of bacteria and establish the duration of the individual development phases. 

Example Research © / AlexRaths

Company car park

Customers and staff at a company repeatedly complained about deliberate damage carried out to their parked vehicles in broad daylight while they were on site. Installing a highly visible video surveillance system helped to quickly identify the perpetrators. No more incidents were reported after that.

Example Company Car Park © ABUS


Significant quantities of high-quality cosmetics and perfumes had been vanishing from a very busy beauty retailer near the main train station . Given the constant flow of customers, staff were no longer able to keep a good eye on the shop floor from their cash desks. The management decided to install a video surveillance system. Each worker at the cash desk can now view a video image of specific areas on the shop floor directly on their cash register display screen, allowing them to cast a quick eye over who is in the shop at regular intervals. The video images are saved to digital recorders and evaluated daily. Shoplifting is displayed in real time and has dropped significantly since the cameras were installed.

Example Retail Shop © ABUS

A medium-sized department store

A well-known gang of thieves regularly pestered staff at a local department store in a town. While one member of the gang chatted to the sales personnel to distract them, the others took off with goods stolen from the shelves. Thanks to new video cameras with an autofocus and zoom function, security staff can now identify the shoplifters once they enter the store, and put pressure on them to leave. 

Example Department Store © ABUS

A fast-food restaurant

Staff at a small fast-food restaurant constantly move from the counter, where they serve guests, to the kitchen, where they prepare meals and wash dishes. Guests at the counter often had to wait to be served and left disgruntled when no one appeared. Others complained that tables were not being cleaned. A low-cost video surveillance system from ABUS solved the problem: staff can view activity at the counter, the seated area, the entrance and in front of the bathrooms from the kitchen at all times. This means that customers are served promptly, and will find a clean table to eat their meal.

Example Fast-food Restaurant © Subway®

A livery stables

The operator of a stables rental business, an enthusiastic amateur filmmaker, installed video cameras in his horseboxes and yard to monitor the property and protect against unauthorised access, and allow the horse owners to view their pet's comings and goings. The stables has its own video server and owners can dial in to live surveillance at any time from their smartphone, from any location in the world. This means that they can check on their horse's welfare at any time. This state-of-the art service is much valued in this riding stables and builds customer confidence.

Examples Stables © / horsemen

What example suits your situation best?

Have a certified ABUS alarm fitter near you advise you on how to proceed. We look forward to presenting your projects on this page once it has been completed.

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