Video surveillance systems from ABUS solve problems

Your decision to install video surveillance may often follow an unpleasant incident. If goods are constantly disappearing from your shop, or if violence has made you feel unsafe, you will want increased protection. Video surveillance will give you this peace of mind.

A surveillance system that is suited to your exact needs will provide optimal security. This will not only allow you to investigate crimes, but also to effectively ward off potential criminals. In the event of an emergency, the system will also help you to maintain an overview and call help quickly.

Video systems are also suited, for example, for monitoring automated production processes or for tracing packages in supply chains, making a valuable contribution to optimizing processes and assuring quality.

Video surveillance helps in these situations


If goods keep disappearing from your shop or warehouse and you have significant inventory differences, you need a video surveillance system to prevent and solve the thefts.



Whether frustrated, potentially aggressive youths or graffiti sprayers – a robust video surveillance system protects your property from damage and vandalism.


Violent crimes

Above all in public venues and at large events, video surveillance pays an important contribution to safety and helps to solve violent crimes.


Process optimisation

Monitor production processes, optimise workflows and delivery processes. With video surveillance, your company achieves greater efficiency and security.


Technical challenges

Bad weather, premises that are hard to keep in view, extreme contrast or poor light: With special technical functions and accessories, you get surveillance images in excellent quality.


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