Master complex processes efficiently with video surveillance

Manufacturing companies in particular benefit from the use of specialized video solutions in production to increase turnover and reduce costs. Production and delivery processes are being monitored for efficiency and security, so that dishonest staff will no longer get away with stealing goods. They also document milestones in the innovation process in test laboratories. Both standard cameras and special cameras such as camouflaged or miniature cameras are suitable for use in this area.

Visual images to produce good results

Optical sensors have a variety of uses in controlling and regulating machines. If qualitative information is required in addition to a simple 'Yes' or 'No', then video surveillance is also a good option. Minimizing rejections and avoiding process standstills will boost efficiency. Cameras with motion detectors can increase safety at the workplace by monitoring dangerous areas and sending a warning as soon as equipment poses a danger to staff.

When installing video surveillance equipment directly into machinery, tiny circuit board cameras are usually used (WxH approx. 33x33 mm), with image quality fully comparable to that of a large camera.

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See where the package actually is

Every year, delivery and courier services in Germany handle more than two billion deliveries. The margin for error is minimal and an end-to-end package tracking function is crucial. Each claim for damages or compensation is costly. Therefore, all packages that pass through distribution centres, sorting systems or warehouses are registered and tracked.

The data read by barcode readers supplements a visual check by video that the package has actually entered and left the sorting system. This is a huge help when investigating a missing package. Video evidence will provide clarity if a technical problem occurred during sorting, if goods were incorrectly assigned during transportation or if a package was stolen.

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ABUS products for optimizing processes using video surveillance

  • Analog cameras record what is going on throughout an entire room and are suitable for permanent surveillance.
  • Miniature cameras can be hidden and do not take up much space.
  • Camouflaged cameras look like smoke alarms or motion detectors and are therefore inconspicuous.

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