Conclusive surveillance pictures in difficult situations © ABUS

Conclusive surveillance pictures in difficult situations

Affordable standard cameras record detailed and sharp surveillance images under ideal conditions. However, they do have their limitations under difficult conditions. For example, where there is not enough light, or there are strong contrasts, poor weather conditions, or the site is difficult to monitor. If your camera is not suited to the current situation, it will produce images that are useless or difficult to interpret, or will not provide the information required to ensure that surveillance is reliable.

Cameras with special functions also meet difficult challenges and are therefore the technology of choice for delivering top-quality recordings, day or night. Find out more about the options for optimizing your video images and the functions that provide a technical solution for your problem.

Select the required function for your problem

Technical challenges

Varying light situations © / vicnt

Varying light situations

Make use of modern video technology for optimal images: WDR for backlight conditions, powerful image sensors if there is high contrast, integrated IR lighting and day/night function for night photos.


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Extreme weather conditions

Enable outdoor video surveillance the whole year round – with protective accessories or with the weatherproof outdoor camera with optional infrared light.


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Difficult premises

Monitor any situation with the right video camera: PTZ dome cameras let you overlook large areas flexibly; the auto focus feature captures moving objects and megapixel lenses show every detail.


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