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Use in difficult terrain

Do you wish to install surveillance for large spaces that are difficult to monitor, such as large sites, open green spaces, car parks or an entire premises? When planning video surveillance numerous additional questions come up: How many cameras do I need? Can a camera also monitor a large space? Can I recognise sufficient details from all angles?
For all areas and objects, ABUS can offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

A long way away from the object under surveillance

If you would like to install a camera relatively far away from the object to be monitored, e.g. at the entrance to a car park, then you will need a camera with a long-distance telescopic lens.

If, however, you wish to switch from the overall view of the entire car park to a detailed view, e.g. to check a car registration plate, you can use cameras with a zoom lens. You can control the zoom using software or using the recorder. Another way to recognize details is to use a megapixel camera. The higher resolution allows you to digitally zoom into interesting picture sections without affecting the quality.

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Different distances in the area under surveillance

Do you frequently find that cars or people in the area to be monitored have different positions in the camera's detection range, which means that they must frequently be observed from different distances? No matter what the distance, i.e. whether up close at the entrance or far away at the factory door, you will want to recognise as many details as possible. ABUS offers autofocus cameras specially for this purpose. In the area being monitored, autofocus will always focus on the object that is nearest to the camera.

For example, the camera is focussed on a group of visitors at the factory door, which is some distance away. A person now enters from the right and into the area being monitored, close to the entrance doors. The camera now focuses on this person, so that this person is recorded in focus.

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The camera that can see around corners

Do you want to cover two faces of a building at once, or monitor both near and distant objects? Then a model from the ABUS speed dome series is your best choice. Cameras in the speed dome range which are equipped with zoom lenses and autofocus catch all details, even if they are not far away.

When mounted on a building corner, a pan and tilt dome camera can monitor several areas at once. You can choose preset 'patrols' to determine the sequence in which images are recorded throughout the site. This means that the camera follows a pre-programmed set of positions, and can even be controlled manually if necessary.

One inexpensive option in the speed dome range is the ABUS pan and tilt network cameras, on which you can run preset patrols. The web-based user interface allows you to control the direction via internet, that means live and directly in your browser. 

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