Video surveillance - deter violent criminals, document incidents © ABUS

Video surveillance - deter violent criminals, document incidents

Recognize these headlines? "Thugs beat man to death on station platform"? Violent crime resulting in death is a sad reality. In most cases, however, the perpetrators can be arrested if CCTV is installed in the area. The film can also provide details of the crime so that victims and witnesses do not have to endure lengthy questioning afterwards.

Making public areas safer

In both urban and rural areas, many people understandably feel unsafe at isolated bus stops, train stations, subway stations or park-and-ride stations. Poorly visible areas, anonymity, roaming teen gangs, and social hotspots promote a feeling of insecurity. Even children and young people are attacked daily and robbed of their cell phones or items of clothing.

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Keeping track of things in a crowd

Public events can often be chaotic. A festival or event in a beer tent can unexpectedly turn into mayhem and jeopardize the safety of participants, making it practically impossible for promoters, event organisers or security staff to monitor what is happening. A surveillance system provides security, allowing those in charge to keep a good eye on the situation and recognize potential troublemakers right away.

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Heightened awareness stops violence from escalating

Criminal statistics published by the German police force (2008) indicate that more than 210,000 violent crimes were committed each year in Germany, with a steady increase between 1999 and 2007. Increased violence potential in society was given as a reason for this increase. However, the police also assumes that a greater awareness about reporting crime has reduced the number of undetected cases, resulting in more prosecutions. The more crimes are reported, the less scope perpetrators have.

In addition to tried-and-tested neighbourhood watch schemes, video surveillance may also have contributed to this positive development, particularly given that state-of-the-art video systems not only monitor, but also significantly speed up response times.

Heightened awareness stops violence from escalating © ABUS

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