Video monitoring for all requirements

No matter what your requirements, or what solution you are looking for: ABUS has products, systems and ideas to suit your needs and make your day-to-day life more secure. You can scale your video system to suit your needs by starting small and expanding it step-by-step: with surveillance cameras, recording systems, video management software and accessories to meet any challenge in the installation environment.

Solutions for optimal video surveillance

The right technology

Clear, conclusive pictures for more safety: ABUS video cameras use the latest technology for improving image quality, controlling exposure and transferring data in the network.


Simple operation

ABUS video products are characterised by simple, intuitive operation which is easy to understand and can be learned quickly, even by beginners, in spite of the wide range of possibilities ...


Cost effectiveness

The exceptionally good price/performance ratio and low operating costs of ABUS video components ensure that your video system pays for itself in the shortest time.


ABUS products for video surveillance

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