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An investment that pays off – to be sure

Business experts agree: you will recoup your investment from a video surveillance system after just a few months. When calculated across the year, the savings made thanks to improved crime detection and damage reduction will outstrip the one-off purchase costs and ongoing operating costs by far.
Figures from retail show that, depending on the situation, the damage caused by shoplifting can drop by up to 80 percent. Savings can also be made in terms of security staff and a lot less damage is caused by vandalism.
A video system does not cost much to run, so that you can easily calculate when you will achieve your return on investment.

Benefits of a video surveillance system from ABUS

  • Affordable entry-level prices
  • Optimal value for money
  • The prevention of crime saves costs: less theft, less damage by vandalism
  • Improved crime detection rates: intruders are recognised, fraudsters exposed
  • The monitoring station function allows the system to be centrally managed for several branches, saving you time and money
  • Robust product quality ensures that ongoing costs are kept low
  • Expert advice from ABUS dealer near you to find the optimal solution for your project
  • Fiducia and DGUV/UVV-tested and certified

Benefits of a video surveillance system from ABUS © ABUS

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