More everyday security and convenience – electronic locking systems for your home

Thanks to electronic locking systems, key worries are a thing of the past. They offer control, security and an overview of access to your home – all with minimal effort. Even professionals are keen on electronic access controls. It allows for many possibilities to open doors: a transponder tag for all doors, a code to open doors in the blink of an eye, or control access with the app. All ABUS systems have one thing in common: problems due to lost keys, which would once have taken significant time to fix, are now dealt with the click of a finger. Our systems can also be extended at any time and combined with additional security systems such as alarm systems and video surveillance.

ABUS locking systems

Better protection and control is a key point regarding the security of your building. With ABUS systems, turn your house into a safe and secure environment with a new comfort: a life without keys. ABUS offers a wide range of possibilities: code input directly on the knob (electronic cylinder), personalised transponder with individual access rights. You no longer need to be afraid of losing or forgetting your keys: ABUS Mechatronic systems offers an unequalled protection for your building with a solution adapted to your needs.

Life without keys

Unparalleled protection for your home tailored to you, your family and your lifestyle. ABUS systems offer you the highest level of operating convenience as identification can take place directly at the door: simply use a number code, a personalised transponder tag or even the app. You can quickly and easily solve problems such as lost keys, accidentally locking yourself out or robbery. With ABUS access control, you’ll enjoy durability and reliability as well as an expert contact at your side for all security questions.

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Technologies & systems

The electronics make the door cylinders smart, and with the state-of-the-art software, they offer various authorisations, locking and time schedules, as well as log functions and monitoring options. ABUS cylinders are available in various designs, security levels and upgrades. We use state-of-the-art chip technologies and encryption protocols for the communication between identification media and electronic cylinders.

Access control – Made in Germany

We are able to recognise the demands of your everyday life and create solutions for your requirements thanks to our proximity to our customers. We rely on intelligent combinations of mechanics and electronics developed and produced in Germany for unparalleled convenience and security. Independent test institutes recognise this expertise and have given us awards for a variety of categories.

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Security becomes a given

As one of the globally leading companies for security technology, we are always improving our systems. Our key focus is interconnecting individual technologies. We are now able to integrate alarm technology, video surveillance and electronic master key systems. Open a door from anywhere because you can see who is at the door, or enable the alarm system by locking the front door – with ABUS, all this is already possible.


Solutions for every door and every security requirement: the future of home security

Easily protect your home, without hassle or key worries. We have the right solution for every door, every environment and every requirement. Starting with our all-rounders such as the SLT security fitting with its extremely solid design, to stand-alone applications and the online communication with your front door, and even interconnected systems. Here we can show you the most important technologies and the right system to secure your home which can be easily and securely integrated into your lifestyle, even without keys.

Online access control: wAppLoxx

Browser-based access control systems combine the advantages of mechanical protection and mobile operation via the app.

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Standalone solution: CodeLoxx

With the CodeLoxx electronic double knob cylinder, you have control over your premises at all times.

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Security fitting: SLT

Security against breaking and entering and in the event of lost keys, as well as more convenience with easy door opening using a key or code.

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