Wireless alarm system Secvest protects apartments & houses

The new Secvest wireless alarm system sets standards in burglar alarm systems: ideal for retrofitting existing buildings, can be intuitively operated, and is easy to remove. Unique: mechatronic components counter intruders with mechanical resistance and simultaneously trigger an alarm.

Whatever happens, Secvest protects


  • Intuitive, modern touchscreen interface
  • Alarm raised as soon as break-in is attempted
  • Protects against breaking and entering, fire, water and in emergencies
  • Video surveillance can be integrated
  • Can be operated via app or web browser
  • Wireless technology
  • Comprehensive service from qualified partners
  • State grant for intrusion protection measures

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This is how security feels

An alarm system should deter intruders and protect residents – Secvest does all this and more. The wireless alarm system not only offers reliable protection against intrusion, fire, water and in emergencies but, with its modern design, it also provides an additional feel-good factor in living areas.
The elegant touchscreen interface is intuitive to use. An integrated light sensor ensures dynamic lighting that adjusts itself according to the light conditions in the room. All this makes Secvest the ideal combination of security and aesthetics, and ABUS’ most successful wireless alarm system.


Breaking and entering

The Secvest wireless alarm system not only reports intrusion attempts, its smart components actively prevent perpetrators from gaining access to the house.



The Secvest wireless smoke detector detects dangerous smoke build-up immediately and raises the alarm before fire can properly break out.



Water leakages can cause great damage. The Secvest wireless flood detector triggers an alarm in good time in the event of water leakage.




The push of a button is all it takes: the mobile wireless emergency transmitter or the emergency buttons on the Secvest can be used to call for help in a matter of seconds.

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Nobody can get past

When intelligent alarm systems are supplemented with basic mechanical security, it can only be ABUS’ unique, mechatronic intrusion protection. This combination not only allows the Secvest to report intrusions early on, but also to actively prevent them.
ABUS mechatronics combine solid, compact door and window locks with intelligent electronics. In the event of an attempted break-in, two things happen: a huge pressure resistance of approximately one tonne counteracts the leverage force applied by the would-be intruder, while at the same time the force exerted triggers the Secvest alarm.

© ABUS Secvest wireless alarm system

Reliable monitoring, even without arming

The Secvest wireless alarm system detects intrusion attempts even if it has not been armed beforehand.

Solid mechanical resistance

If a violent attempt is made to gain access, the Secvest door and window locks provide reliable resistance.

Easy to use

The mechatronic FO 400 E wireless window handle lock operates like a standard window handle.

Simple to extend

Further components can be added to the Secvest system at any time, and you can simply take them with you if you move.


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Individual operating concept

An alarm system is only truly secure if it is actually used. That’s why the operating concept needs to accurately reflect users’ individual requirements. The Secvest wireless alarm system offers the right solution whatever your requirements, and can be operated from virtually any location via the app, or directly at your front door.
Whether armed or not, the system reports on its status in the form of an acoustic or visual signal via your chosen control option. That way you can keep abreast of what’s happening at all times.

Operation using the wAppLoxx door cylinder

The ABUS wAppLoxx locking cylinder allows you to conveniently control your alarm system at your front door: the Secvest wireless alarm system is simply armed or disarmed when the front door is opened or locked via chip key. This is true ease of use.
Users also benefit from all the advantages of electronic access control, such as assigning locking rights. This, together with live video verification, allows you to identify people beyond doubt and grant access remotely.

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Simply more secure

Wherever you happen to be at the time, the Secvest App for iOS and Android will let you know whenever an alarm is triggered. The live stream also enables you to see what triggered the alarm and to take appropriate action.
You can immediately request assistance via the app in the event of a serious incident, or conveniently switch off the alarm if the incident is harmless. Only you will have access to your wireless alarm system, as the Secvest and IP cameras are code and password-protected.

Rapid alarm acknowledgement

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If you receive an alarm notification, you can use the app to conveniently access the images from your cameras and acknowledge the alarm if necessary.

Live video verification

The Secvest App’s live stream allows you to check that everything is okay at any time. The app is easy to use and protected by a name and password.

Access control when out and about

The wAppLoxx cylinder does much more than just control your alarm system at your front door. You can also conveniently control who has access to your home when out and about.

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Security lies at the heart of the home

Study findings are increasingly showing that a smart home starts with security. Only when this fundamental requirement is satisfied in your own four walls is it time to start thinking about automating other processes.
A smart home should protect, warn, think and also be easy to use. After all, the more complex the system is, the easier it needs to be to operate. Secvest already meets these requirements. In doing so, we at ABUS follow the motto ‘with simplicity comes security’. And security at the heart of the smart home.

Smart Home makes for a good morning


Everyone has their own fixed routine in the morning: switch the alarm system off, open the shutters, switch on the coffee machine and turn up the heating in the bathroom. Wouldn't it be nice if your alarm system could take care of all these things for you? All you have to do is press a light switch by your bed and it all happens as if by magic: your alarm system is disarmed, the shutters are opened, the coffee machine starts warming up and the heating is switched on in the bathroom, leaving you to enjoy a relaxed start to the day.

The smart fire alarm solution


If there is a fire, every second counts when it comes to residents getting out of their houses safely. Installing a smoke alarm is an important step in detecting dangerous smoke build-up quickly. But did you know that wireless smoke alarm devices can also be connected to your alarm system? Once this is done, you are not only alerted by a loud wail from the detector but all the lights in the house are switched on at the same time and the shutters are opened.

Good reasons for the Secvest


Clean installation thanks to wireless technology

All Secvest detectors use wireless communication – and no need to lay cables during installation means no mess.


Unique ABUS mechatronics

The combination of mechanical steel bolts and alarms doubles the security of ABUS mechatronic detectors.


The most successful ABUS wireless alarm system

The Secvest is probably Germany’s best-selling wireless alarm system, and with good reason: with 48 wireless zones and high-quality components, the Secvest reliably protects people and possessions. The Secvest alarm panel requires servicing just once a year.


A wide array of control options

Whether via chip key, code or app: the Secvest offers maximum flexibility.


Wide range of detectors

Protection against intrusion, fire, water and emergencies – an extensive portfolio of detectors ensures your safety.

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