Mechatronics from ABUS: Active protection against burglary

Security experts from the fields of economics, police and insurance companies agree – when securing buildings, the first order of business is mechanical protection of the external shell. This includes securing all entries, windows and other openings. The protection of the external shell using mechanical security products makes the outer building shell the perfect shield.

In private settings in particular monitoring is not always sufficient. For burglars, partially open windows or simple doors are child's play. Confront burglars with another line of defense and use the revolutionary concept of active protection of the external shell from ABUS – with mechatronics.

For your security: Break-ins are made decisively more difficult and often thwarted altogether.

Advantages of active intruder protection using mechatronic detectors

As soon as they have been integrated into the Secvest, the mechatronic detectors are monitored wirelessly, sending an alarm as soon as an intruder tries to pry open a window or a door. The alarm is sounded via an outdoor siren or by telephone. Place your trust in this unique protection which takes effect during the attempt to break in.

  • An alarm is triggered before the intruder even enters the premises
  • Mechanical security and alarm components in one product
  • Unique mechatronic products with over a metric tonne of resistance force

The attempt itself is reported – the Secvest is the first alarm system worldwide that can actively foil a break-in

Mechatronic security components stop the intruder even before the intrusion attempt. With a resistance force of more than one metric tonne, the intruder is countered by virtually insurmountable mechanical resistance. At the same time, the alarm system triggers an alarm. The break-in does not even occur.

Only ABUS has this: Detectors for active burglar protection

Wireless additional door lock

Secures doors with over a metric tonne of pressure resistance.
Automatic arming/disarming possible through the alarm panel.  

Wireless window handle

Monitors windows and transmits the window status (open/closed). No pry-attempt monitoring. Can be retrofitted at any time.

A classic! Wireless window lock

Secures and monitors windows with over a metric tonne of pressure resistance.

Window bar lock 

Protects windows and window doors with a tilt and tilt-and-turn window fixture with over a metric tonne of resistance force.


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