Wireless alarm system Secvest protects apartments & houses

The Secvest is the VdS Home-certified wireless alarm panel from ABUS. With reliable technology, simple operation, and premium design, it fits perfectly into your day-to-day life. As the first and only wireless alarm system on the market the Secvest offers active intrusion protection by bringing together mechanical parts and electronics.

Trust the no. 1. Secvest alarm panel

The Secvest wireless alarm panel from ABUS sets new standards in function and design for an innovative security concept using mechanical and electronic property security. For seamless comprehensive protection for small apartments or expansive mansions. Protect your property and your privacy from intruders, fire and water damage.

The Secvest wireless alarm panel protects what is valuable to you and brings home the comforting feeling of security, without disrupting your routine, with the utmost simplicity, around the clock.

When it comes to your security, only trust the best technology you can get. Start straight away with one of the Secvest sets from ABUS, or combine the components for your wireless alarm system individually.

The most important benefits of the Secvest at a glance:

  • Maximum operating convenience thanks to active feedback: All changes to the status are displayed directly on the wireless remote control or the alarm panel upon request.
  • Individual operation from within and without using the Secvest key, proximity chip, keypad, alarm button and key switch.
  • Guaranteed comprehensive protection thanks to numerous detectors: From pet-immune motion detectors, opening detectors and glass break detectors against break-ins to smoke detectors and flood detectors.
  • Reliable display of the current system status: Directly on the Secvest alarm panel or on one of up to four wireless info modules.

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