Secvest Wireless Outdoor Sounder (Art. no. FUSG50101)

  • New attractive design
  • Loud combination sounder
  • LED light displays different functions (e.g. confirmation of activation)
  • Robust, UV-resistant, weatherproof housing
  • Bright SMD LEDs

Secvest Wireless Outdoor Sounder (Art. no. FUSG50101)

For trouble-free and safe operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a specialist trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation over the long term with the latest safety updates and new functions.

Reliable alarming
The wireless outdoor sounder with flashing LED is the most important component of any completely wireless alarm chain. If an alarm is triggered, the sounder generates a very loud signal tone with 100dB of sound pressure. The red LED light flashes too (flashing frequency 1Hz). The flashing light and sounder can be configured separately, meaning the light can be set to continue flashing once the signal tone ends after a set time.

Tamper protection
The sounder communicates with the Secvest alarm panel using the frequency 868MHz, which is reserved exclusively for the security industry. The cover and seal contact provide the wireless outdoor sounder with targeted protection against tampering. The optimised seal contact has a precision adjustment option so can be adapted for any wall surface. If someone begins to interfere with the device, the wireless outdoor sounder automatically triggers or forwards the tampering message to the Secvest alarm panel.

Simple installation
The new and attractive design not only makes the wireless outdoor sounder visually appealing, but also simplifies the installation process. As the cover on the front flap is fixed in place with a hinge, it is also possible to install the sounder with one hand.

Art. no.: FUSG50101
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 210,6 x 294 x 78,5 mm
Battery type: Alkaline battery pack 2 x 3 V (FU2986))
Width: 210,6 mm
Gross weight: 2,128 kg
Transmission power: 10 mW
Height: 294 mm
Length: 78,5 mm
Luminous color: Red
Illuminant: LED
Max. battery life: 2 year(s)
Max. operating temperature: 60 °C
Max. humidity: 93 %
Max. receiving range (outdoors): 100 m
Max. receiving range (building): 30 m
Max. sending range (outdoors): 100 m
Max. sending range (building): 30 m
Min. operating temperature: -25 °C
Modulation: FM
Installation location: Outdoors
Net weight: 1,781 kg
Tamper monitoring:
Sound pressure: 105 dB
IP protection class: 65
Voltage monitoring:
Language of instructions: DE, EN, DA, NL, FR, IT
Packaging language: DE, EN, DA, NL, FR, IT
Power consumption: 0,225 mA
Certifications: INCERT

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Secvest Wireless Outdoor Sounder
  • 1x Alkaline battery pack 2 x 3 V (FU2986)
  • 1x Mounting material
  • 1x Quick Guide

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Take advantage of the acoustic effect of our sounders, which drive away even determined offenders with a volume of up to 105 dB (corresponds to the sound level of a jackhammer). As an alternative, you can choose silent alarm issuance with our dialers: they allow you to notify help unnoticedly so that intruders can be caught red-handed. ...
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