Secvest mechanical detectors protect house and home

Secvest mechatronic security components stop the intruder even before the intrusion attempt. With pressure resistance of more than one metric tonne, the door and window safeguards counter the intruder with nearly insurmountable mechanical resistance. At the same time, the alarm panel triggers an alarm. That is unique and only available from ABUS.

The mechatronic ABUS Secvest wireless detectors identify every danger ...

Intruders target houses' weak points.

The best protection comes from combining electronic and mechanical systems. The ABUS mechatronic products counteract an intruder using mechanical resistance at the same time as they register the attempted break-in to the alarm control panel. This already triggers an alarm reaction before the intruder has even entered the premises. Perpetrators generally give up after three minutes if they cannot crack the security technology. With mechanical resistance and simultaneous alarm, you stand a great chance of preventing a break-in altogether.

Extraordinary security – all the benefits at a glance:

Active burglar protection: Prevent intruders from even trying to break in

While the ABUS alarm control panel Secvest is monitoring the interior, mechatronic security components made by ABUS are securing the outer shell. An ABUS wireless window lock thwarts an intruder using over a metric ton of resistance force and triggers the alarm at the same time as the break-in attempt via the alarm panel – even when the alarm has not been armed.

Protection of the external shell: Your house's weak points are protected

Installed on windows, gates and entry doors, mechatronic guards make breaking-in so difficult that even entering the premises is all but impossible. The building is protected on the outside as well as the interior and actively secured against breaking and entering.

Electronic intelligence: Alarm triggered only when necessary

The “intelligent” mechatronic products from ABUS can distinguish between active attempts to pry something open and harmless vibrations caused by ball games or thunder. An alarm is triggered only when something really happens.

Additional ABUS mechatronic components can be added at any time

Mechatronic components can be added to a Secvest security system which is already installed and be programmed at any time, enhancing the wireless alarm system with effective mechatronic protection.

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