ABUS wired detectors report intrusion to the Terxon alarm system

For Terxon series wired alarm systems, an extensive range of wired opening and motion detectors is available, along with water and smoke detectors. These detectors enable all-round protection of your apartment or house. Bring reliable outdoor and indoor protection to your home with ABUS detectors.

Glass break and shock detectors

Glass surfaces are vulnerabilities that intruders like to use to gain entry into houses and apartments. Installation of additional glass breakage and shock detectors is recommended here.


Light barriers

Use infrared light barriers in combination with ABUS alarm systems for monitoring doors or your driveway.


Motion detectors

The IR motion detectors of the ABUS Terxon alarm systems reliably react to body heat in the room. The pet-immune versions are suitable for pet owners. Professionally installed, they detect ...


Opening detectors

Seamless protection of the external shell is the cornerstone of every electronic home security system. The opening detectors of the Terxon wired alarm system secure doors and windows. ...


Smoke alarm devices

Surprised in their sleep: 95% of all fire victims don’t die from fire, but from poisonous combustion gases. Smoke alarm devices can change that: in the USA the number of victims fell by ...


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