Terxon MX is a flexible alarm system for private households.

The ABUS Terxon MX is a process-controlled alarm panel with many options for securing private properties. As a hybrid alarm system, it can be extended with both wired and wireless components. This gives you outstanding investment protection, since the system can be extended on a flexible basis at any time.

Terxon MX alarm system – flexible protection for medium-sized buildings

The Terxon MX wired and hybrid alarm system is particularly well-suited to small and medium-sized houses as well as larger apartments. Particularly in new buildings, wired alarm technology is an affordable solution that provides effective protection for your residential property.

Terxon MX compact alarm panel

Impressive flexibility – hybrid alarm system with wireless and wired components

Sophisticated protection of medium-sized to large apartments and houses is possible with the Terxon MX alarm panel. Securing free-standing houses and condominiums demands a comprehensive, flexible system that can be extended at any time. The Terxon MX hybrid alarm system from ABUS, which includes both wired detectors and ABUS Secvest wireless components is up to the challenge.


This flexibility in the selection of detectors and modules means the system can be used in any situation. This is especially useful in buildings in which it is impossible to lay cables in some locations or when an alarm system is expanded later and it is not possible or desirable to lay additional cables.

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