Door cylinder E90

  • 6-pin and 7-depth pin tumbler mechanism
  • Emergency clutch feature
  • Approved to BSi 3 star EN1303 TS007
  • ABUS Global Protection Standard (GPS) 10
  • Paracentric open profile keyway
  • Key code card
  • 3 keys
  • 100.000 key differs

Door cylinder E90


  • finishes: SB = Satin brass, SN = Satin nickel
  • Double, thumbturn & half
  • Keyed to differ and keyed alike


Door cylinders

The door cylinder is the heart of any door and has top priority when it comes to protection against break-ins. Despite their importance, many locking cylinders based on outdated technology are still being fitted – with no protection against tampering, with no emergency or hazard functions, etc. Today's door cylinders are high-quality, high-tech products with versatile and effective features. Each is a miniature masterpiece in itself and ...
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