Escutcheon plate RSZS316 F3 EK (Art. no. 30514)

  • For metal doors
  • Protruding EURO-Profile Cylinders should be protected with escutcheon plates

Escutcheon plate RSZS316 F3 EK (Art. no. 30514)


  • Hardened cylinder protection
  • For cylinder protrusions of 8 - 15 mm
  • Tough special steel alloy plate, rotates freely


  • Finishes: F1 (alu anodized), F2 (silver anodized), F3 (anodized brass), F4 (anodized bronze), B7 (antique copper), F9 (stainless steel look), W (white)
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 30514
Level: 7
Article group: 10
Packaging: individual box
Thickness of escutcheon plate: 8-15 mm
color: F3: aluminum brass


Escutcheon plates

Whenever there is no room for security door fittings or where they spoil the appearance, security escutcheon plates are recommended. Escutcheon plates are like a frame for door cylinders. They bed the cylinder in and thereby protect it against a range of methods of breaking in. This special security device prevents the bolt from being pulled open. ABUS escutcheon plates are available for both metal and wooden doors. Available in all standard ...
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