Wireless smoke alarm device RWM165 (Art. no. 73412)

This smoke alarm can be radio-networked with up to ten other devices and warns you and your loved ones in good time in the event of a fire in the home.
  • Up to 12 smoke alarms can be wirelessly connected
  • Detection range: up to 40 m² within a room
  • Alarm volume: 85 dB at a distance of 3 m

Wireless smoke alarm device RWM165 (Art. no. 73412)


Smoke alarm that can be wirelessly linked to other alarms.

Smoke detectors are mandatory in bedrooms, hallways and other rooms in Germany. Increase the safety in your four walls with this smoke detector that can be networked with ten other detectors. As soon as smoke enters one of the detection chambers, an 85 decibel alarm sounds, which is forwarded to the other detectors by radio. In this way, all persons in the household are warned in time.


  • Q-Label certified by VdS
  • Can be linked with 12 alarms per group
  • Built-in battery (3 V lithium)
  • 10-year battery life
  • Alarm volume: 85 dB
  • Hush function
  • Regular self-testing with automatic error message
  • Warning in case of weak battery
  • Large test button
  • Theft protection
  • Radio frequency 868 MHz

Operation and use:

  • For use in bedrooms, children’s rooms, corridors, etc.
  • Also suitable for use in inhabited recreational vehicles (e.g. caravans)
  • The functionality should be checked every four weeks


  • Perform a functional test every four weeks using the button on the back of the smoke alarm device.
  • Clean the smoke alarm on a regular basis in order to avoid false alarms.
Art. no.: 73412
Battery: with fixed 3V lithium battery
Dimensions: Ø 102 mm x 36 mm
Packaging: individual box
Version: Wireless smoke detector
Weight: 230 g
color: pure white

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