Metal door and stair gate JC9330 FINN W (Art. no. 73150)

Stair gate FINN protects little tomboys from unintentionally going down a few steps.

Metal door and stair gate JC9330 FINN W (Art. no. 73150)


FINN stair gates reliably secure stairways!

Playing tag or just romping around and running through all the rooms - of course, this works especially well on the upper floors. Mount stair gates FINN at the stairways and protect your little tomboy from unintentionally going down a few steps. Extra Tip: With the stair gate extension LOU you can widen FINN a good bit more.


  • The width can be adjusted from 73 to 81.5 centimetres
  • Recommended minimum distance between door and stair gate and wall/stair posts: Minimum 12 millimetres, maximum distance: 62 millimetres
  • Accessories for installing on stairs and wall: available separately
  • Tested according to: DIN1930:2011
  • Extension by 8.5 centimetres available
  • Distance between the bars: approx. 55 mm

Operation and use:

  • For internal doors and staircases
Art. no.: 73150
Weight: 3750 g
color: weiß

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