645TI Baby™Lock

  • Extension of the traditional love lock tradition: parents can dedicate their newborns own lock and additionally attach this to their existing love lock
  • Also suitable as a gift for the birth
  • Also ideal to individually secure lockers and wardrobes (e.g. in fitness centers), for cellar sheds, tool boxes, etc.

645TI Baby™Lock


  • Colored anodization of the lock body in light blue and pink
  • Backside is totally empty – enough space for engraving
  • Solid TITALIUM™ lock body
  • 30 mm lock body
  • 5 mm hardened steel shackle
  • Shackle with NANO PROTECT™ plating for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Individual box packaging (cardboard) in Love Lock Design
Art. no.: 26357
Width a [mm]: 30
Horizontal clearance b [mm]: 16
Vertical clearance c [mm]: 17
Shackle diameter d [mm]: 5
Depth e [mm]: 10
Height f [mm]: 53
Level: 4
Colour: light blue
Weight [g]: 87


645TI/30 light blue
Art. no. 26357

Width a [mm]: 30
Level: 4
645TI/30 pink 
Art. no. 26356

Width a [mm]: 30
Level: 4


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