Padlock 70/35 & 70IB/35

  • To secure valuables/goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft.
  • To secure chains, doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows, sheds, etc.

Padlock 70/35 & 70IB/35


  • Lock body made from solid brass
  • Sealed lock body with drainage channels and cover to protect the cylinder against water and dirt
  • Shock absorbing vinyl casing
  • Shackle made from hardened steel with vinyl jacket
  • Inner components made from non-corrosive materials
  • Double bolted
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Automatic locking: Locking without key by pushing down the shackle
  • Paracentric keyway for increased protection against manipulation
  • incl. two keys


  • Colours: black, red, yellow
  • Keyed alike available only in black
  • Size: 35 mm
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 53972
Width a [mm]: 34
Horizontal clearance b [mm]: 13.5
Vertical clearance c [mm]: 24.5
Shackle diameter d [mm]: 6.5
Depth e [mm]: 17
Height f [mm]: 64
Version: red
Level: 4


Padlock 70/35 red
Art. no. 53972

Width a [mm]: 34
Level: 4
Padlock 70/35 yellow 
Art. no. 53970

Width a [mm]: 34
Level: 4
Padlock 70/35 black 
Art. no. 53971

Width a [mm]: 34
Level: 4
Padlock 70/35 Color SB 
Art. no. 53973

Width a [mm]: 34
Level: 4
Padlock 70IB/35 
Art. no. 04773

Width a [mm]: 36
Level: 4
Padlock 70IB/35 B/DFNLI 
Art. no. 04790

Width a [mm]: 36
Level: 4



Brass is one of the most common materials for padlocks because it can never rust. Therefore, brass padlocks can be found in many different places all around the world and especially in outdoor applications. International range For decades the ABUS brand has been synonymous with padlocks of a wide variety of designs. A well-established product range that is designed for the needs of international markets underlines our worldwide expertise in ...
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