ABUS FaceGuard

Protect yourself and those around you by using our ABUS FaceGuard for additional mouth protection.
  • lightweight
  • Head size infinitely adjustable from 54 to 62 centimetres
  • Universal

ABUS FaceGuard


Our FaceGuard is a transparent safety mask and practical precautionary measure to protect against liquid splashes.

It is a useful addition if you are wearing a mouth guard. However, they can be moved freely at any time and are not restricted in your field of vision. Glasses wearers can also use our FaceGuard without a problem.


  • Can be washed, disinfected and reused
  • Adjustable frame
  • Clear visor
  • Visor thickness PC 0.375
  • Certified in accordance with EN166
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Head size 54 to 62 centimetres
  • Suitable for glasses wearers

Operation and use:

  • Face protection for eyes, nose and mouth
  • Protection against liquid splashes
  • Useful addition to wear over a face mask


  • 1x FaceGuard
  • 1x FaceGuard + spare lens
  • 3x FaceGuard

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