ABUS Wi-Fi Base Station for Battery Cam (Art. no. PPIC90010)

  • Wi-Fi main unit for up to two battery cams with HotSpot function for reliable local
  • Thanks to the HotSpot function, the main unit can be optimally positioned within your home Wi-Fi network, thus ensuring a stable connection.
  • The main unit can be operated on a purely local basis or via the internet; there are no consequential cloud subscription costs
  • “One-touch pairing” with optical and acoustic feedback for intuitive and fast connection to the battery cams.
  • Up to two battery cams per main unit can be operated and eight of these systems (16 cameras) can be integrated into the App2Cam Plus app
  • Smartvest compatible: Up to four main units, each with two battery cams, can be integrated into the Smartvest wireless alarm system
  • The Wi-Fi main unit is supplied with power via USB ensuring flexibility in its usage.

ABUS Wi-Fi Base Station for Battery Cam (Art. no. PPIC90010)

The ABUS Wi-Fi base can be used to optimize the signal reception and range of up to 2 ABUS Battery Cams (PPIC90520) and provides HotSpot functionality and the option to record up to 128GB on a micro SD card.

Flexible set-up
An additional base is useful where multiple cams are installed at a distance from one another, e.g. at the front entrance of the house and in the back garden. In this case, an additional base helps optimize the signal reception and maximize the cams’ range. Simply plug the additional base into a free socket in the building using a USB adapter (like when charging a phone). After approx. 40 seconds, the base will give an audible and visual confirmation that it is ready. You can then program in the first cam using the App2Cam Plus app and extremely simple One-Touch pairing function.

Local & remote access
In just a few mins, the app will guide you through the set-up until you have first live pics on your phone or tablet. From then on you can access the Battery Cams’ live pics at any time, including online when you’re on holiday or out and about. The App2Cam Plus app supports up to 8 bases with 2 cams each.

Secure data transfer and local data storage
ABUS Battery Cams transfer video data in an encrypted format directly to the base, not via any online or cloud service. The base (positioned in a secure location inside the building) stores the data directly on its internal micro SD card at no additional cost, and sends a confirmation to your phone if required.

Smartvest compatible
Up to 4 bases, each with 2 Battery Cams, can be integrated into the Smartvest wireless alarm system (FUAA35001A).

Art. no.: PPIC90010
Audio compression: PCM
Audio bitrate: 128kbps
Color: Black / white
Technology: Network
Compatible with Secvest:
Compatible with wAppLoxx:
Compatible with Smartvest:
Min. humidity: 10%
Basic event: PIR motion detection / Manual
Dimensions: 54 x 101 x 15 mm
Number of users: 3
Number of channels: 2
Audio output: Built-in Speaker
Audio input: Built-in Microphone
Resolution modes: VGA / 720p / 1080p
Recording modes: max. 1080P
Frame rate: 15
Gross weight: 0,046 kg
Frequency range: 2,4 GHz
Housing material: plastic
Loudspeaker: 85dB @ 10cm
Power consumption: 180 mA
Max. operating temperature: 40 °C
Max. humidity: 90 %
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Wi-Fi network access: 802.11 b/g/n (2,4 GHz)
DC voltage supply: 5 V
Storage medium: microSD card up to 128 GB
Encryption: AES 128bit, WPA/WPA2-PSK
Video output: VGA / 720p / 1080p
Total video channels: 2
Video compression: H.264

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Base Station
  • 1x charging plug EU
  • 1x Quick Guide

General Downloads:

Additional Information:



  • Firmware

    • V0.9.2.10 version:base station Firmware version Multilingual text changes in the app- SSID special character compatibility added- Motion detection adaptations- Compatibility to Smartvest implemented- Allocation of newly added cameras reworkedFirmware update:1. now disconnect the base station from the power supply.2. copy the following files to the SD card:rootfs SMH T1R.imgrootfs SMH T1R.md5dsp SAPP TAS.bindsp RVDP TAS. binwifi RVDP TAS.binwifi SAPP TAS.bin3 Plug the base station with the SD card inserted back into the power outlet.The LED will start flashing red after about 20 seconds of continuous blue light,this serves to confirm that the firmware update has been started successfully.During the update process, the power supply to the base station must not be disconnected!The process takes about 120 seconds and is completed as soon as:a) With actively installed systems:... the voice command " Successfully connected to the network " is playedb) For reset or unconfigured systems: the voice command "Ready to connect to the network" sounds.Start Firmware Update Camera:Turn on the camera by briefly pressing the power icon once.2. place the camera in the immediate vicinity of the base station so that it is not too close toWe're losing the connection! Place the camera with the lens on a flat surface.3. briefly press the pairing button on the base station once.The LED on the base station will start flashing red to confirm that the firmwareUpdate was started successfully. The LED on the front of the camera flashes blue briefly.The process takes about 300 seconds and is complete as soon as the voice command "Firmware

Required accessories:

ABUS Wi-Fi Additional Battery Cam

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