Cellars are not just for storing things!

When securing a house, all access points must be taken into account, especially any access points to cellars. You certainly don't want to feel as if your home is the setting for the latest TV crime drama.

Grating lock – Ideal protection for cellar openings

You should protect your house from the cellar to the attic in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. ABUS has effective solutions for cellar openings: grating locks protect against the most common break-in technique of levering obstacles open.

Large, strong fastening plates are attached to the grating and the frame. There are two different designs: one with a strong metal bar and one with an adjustable chain, which attaches the solid fastening plate to the wall and is particularly suitable for plastic shafts.

Grating locks are usually fitted in pairs. The special locks are also suitable in situations where there are specific escape route regulations.

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