Double window locks 2520

  • For inward opening double casement windows and patio doors with middle bar
  • Lock with the hook-bolt lock, open with a key
  • Can be supplied keyed alike with a variety of other ABUS products
  • Suitable for all surface materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium

Double window locks 2520


  • Fitting on the frame only between the windows
  • Strong hook-bolt lock
  • Incl. two keys
  • Easy to use
Double window locks 2520 B EK 
Art. no. 20301

Level: 7
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 511 g
Double window locks 2520 W EK 
Art. no. 20302

Level: 7
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 482 g

Locks for double windows

Windows often come under attack. There is now an effective solution for double windows: the VdS-approved ABUS DFS 95 double window lock. Secure your double windows effectively and increase window security A gap of 18-35 mm between the two halves of the window is a prerequisite. The claw action of the solid double swivel bolt secures both halves of the window simultaneously. As a result, the windows are particularly difficult to lever open: a ...
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