Roller shutter bolt RS97 SB (Art. no. 08187)

Protected without drilling: Protect your roller shutters against unauthorised sliding up by burglars or stalkers with this reliable security device.
  • Protects roller shutters from being lifted up, protecting you in your own home
  • Locks are clamped between the shutter and guide rail
  • Absolutely no drilling required for installation

Roller shutter bolt RS97 SB (Art. no. 08187)


External window blind lock with easy mounting and convenient operation.

Roller shutters can often simply be pushed up. Burglars or stalkers thus have an easy game. Therefore, protect yourself and your home with a reliable security system for your roller shutters. The fuse is supplied in pairs and is fitted on the right and left from the inside between the roller shutter and the guide rail. An additional screw provides the necessary tension. There is no need to drill into the window frames or slats for assembly.


  • Two clamps connect between the slats and guiding rail, and are secured with a screw

Operation and use:

  • Window roller shutters - protection at night time
  • Easy to operate
  • Temporary fixing: Can be also used at holiday resorts
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 08187
Level: 2
Packaging: skin pack
Version: paarweise
color: zinc plated


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