Fixing set IM100 (Art. no. 08591)

Reliable resistance: This mounting set enables you to reliably attach window locks where there is no fixing option.

Fixing set IM100 (Art. no. 08591)


This mounting set enables the secure assembly of window locks.

Sometimes a window does not offer sufficient possibility to mount an additional security lock. With this mounting set you can solve this problem. The set is mounted in the frame with binding mortar. It consists of plastic sieve and threaded bolt with screw. After the mortar has hardened, the maximum load of this strong anchor is possible.

Structural support

Just as important as product selection is ensuring that you have appropriate fixing for your locks. Otherwise, the window lock finds no support in the wall or in the window frame. Brand products tend to come with tested, universal fixings. Exceptions are indicated in the relevant fitting instructions. What should you do if the subsurface is of poor quality?On the initiative of the police, a standard has been established specifically for ...
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