Window grill FGI

Secure direct routes: Protect your home with this window grill for ground floor and basement windows. It is flexibly adjustable and weather-resistant.

Window grill FGI


Window grills to protect basement and ground floor windows from attempted break-ins.

Time and again, the direct route is enough for criminals to break into your home. Basement and ground floor windows, if insufficiently protected, make it easy for them to do so. Secure these windows with a reliable grill. The width of the window grill can be flexibly adjusted to the window in question. Vertical mounting or the combination of two grilles on top of each other is also possible without any problems. The material used is particularly weather-resistant. Corrosion resistance can be increased even further by using metal protective lacquers.


  • For mounting in the window soffit
  • Including safety screws and dowels
  • Finishing: thick-layer passivated, used in the
  • An additional sealing can further increase corrosion resistance

Operation and use:

  • Protection of basement and ground floor windows
  • Width adjustable window grills
Window grill FGI5300 500-650x300 
Art. no. 73429

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 2600 g
Window grill FGI7300 700-1050x300 
Art. no. 73430

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 3250 g
Window grill FGI5450 500-650x450 
Art. no. 73431

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 3850 g
Window grill FGI7450 700-1050x450 
Art. no. 73432

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 4860 g
Window grill FGI7600 700-1050x600 
Art. no. 73433

Packaging: individual box
Weight: 6500 g

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Burglars usually try to find the most direct way to break into flats or houses. Ground floor and basement windows offer thieves a suitable opportunity. Our window grill are telescopic and can be perfectly adjusted to all windows ABUS (FGI) window grills effectively protect such windows. They are telescopic and can be perfectly adjusted to the width of the  window to be protected. They are also available in different heights. Vertical ...
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