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Window security system for closed and tilted windows
4-point locking in one movement – even when tilted 

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One handle for extra security

Opt for extra security and ease of use now. Your specialist retailer will be delighted to help you with the planning and will organize everything else for you. Even when you leave the window or patio door tilted in future – you can still have a good feeling of security in this situation, thanks to the FKS 208.

The main function of additional security is protection. Protection from unwanted visitors. The testing institute of the German Insurance Association – the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH under the umbrella of the German Insurance Association e.V. (GDV) – has certified that the FKS 208 does just that, in different test situations.

The FKS 208 has therefore been awarded the VdS seal of approval. This award is only bestowed on products which offer a high degree of security and can prove this under real test conditions. The FKS 208 is the first ever add-on product which has been allowed to bear the prestigious VdS seal of approval for tilted windows.

Functional design.

The best locks are no use at all if they are not used. When developing the FKS 208 we therefore placed high value on comfort and ease of use, while retaining the highest possible level of security. For you this means: one hand movement and all the locks are activated – just as though you were closing a window in the normal way!

We have also created the FKS 208 in a slim design, to give it an attractive appearance. You don’t have a strange addition to your window, but a product that looks as if it is part of the window and yet guarantees a high level of security.

The FKS 208 is an add-on system. It can be fitted to most windows and patio doors (wood, plastic) without any problems by a specialist company. Unusual dimensions can also be optimally secured, thanks to the modular design of the FKS 208 – this means that you have a custom-made security solution to meet your requirements.

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